The reasons for the increase of binge drinking during the college career of an individual

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The reasons for the increase of binge drinking during the college career of an individual

They reach their peak between 48 and 72 hours and can persist for a few weeks into recovery. In most instances the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are mild, but there can be more severe symptoms known as delirium tremens DTs — these can be fatal.

Dangers of Delirium Tremens Those individuals who have been heavily abusing alcohol for many years are at risk of developing the DTs when they give up alcohol. The risk of death is still there so it is vital that anyone who is likely to experience delirium tremens should be medically supervised during withdrawals.

The symptoms of the DTs can include: Some people will also experience the hallucination that insects are crawling on their skin. In most instances the symptoms of delirium tremens will appear within the first 72 hours.

If the individual makes it past this time without experiencing the DTs they will less at risk of them — although not entirely risk free. A physician can use a special assessment to judge the likelihood of people developing this severe form of alcohol withdrawals. Those who intend to stop drinking are advised to have this assessment.

Causes of Alcohol Withdrawals Those individuals who abuse alcohol develop a tolerance for this drug. The body is wonderfully adaptive, and it can adjust functioning to accommodate alcohol abuse.

It does this so well that the sudden removal of alcohol from the bloodstream is a shock to the system.

Binge Drinking

It has to struggle to regain normal functioning, and the withdrawal symptoms occur while this is happening. Alcohol withdrawals also usually involve psychological symptoms that can be just as uncomfortable as the physical ones. Dangers of Expecting the Worst in Alcohol Withdrawals One of the best known motivational speakers of the twentieth century, Normal Vincent Peale, once claimed that: The expectations that people have about the future does have an impact on what they will experience.

It means that if they are expecting their withdrawal symptoms to be unpleasant they probably will be. Their fear of what is going to happen will mean that they are aware of every single niggle or discomfort, and they can easily blow these out of proportion.

This is because when people go looking for trouble they are almost certain to find it. The Buddha is reported to have given a good explanation for why this happens. He uses the example of a man being hit by an arrow.

The reasons for the increase of binge drinking during the college career of an individual

The pain associated with this event is going to cause discomfort, but the way the person reacts to it can make things worse.

If they panic and expect the worst then this is like being hit by a second arrow. Their mental attitude has led to a doubling of their pain. The exact same thing can happen with withdrawal symptoms if people are not careful about their expectations. Importance of Distraction When Dealing with Alcohol Withdrawals Distraction is a powerful tool for helping people make it through the early days of recovery.

This is because the worst thing that the individual can do is remain focused on their discomfort and cravings. Distraction means turning away from the original focus or interest. When people do this it means that they can at least temporarily escape the stimulus that was making them uncomfortable.Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a twelve-step program for people with problems related to food including, but not limited to, compulsive overeaters, those with binge eating disorder, bulimics and with a problematic relationship with food is welcomed; OA's Third Tradition states that the only requirement for memberships is a desire to stop eating compulsively.

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The present study examines the relationships among reasons for drinking, alcohol consumption, and alcohol-related consequences in two college-aged samples.

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Personal motivators such as mood enhancement and coping (tension reduction) have consistently been . While the diversity of definitions for binge drinking complicates the comparison of binge drinking across countries, associations between binge drinking and other factors emerge from the literature, broadly categorized into (1) socio-demographic factors, (2) individual factors, and (3) social factors (see Table 1).

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