The 10 point basic education agenda

At present, we are the only country in Asia that has a year cycle for basic education. Those who can afford basic education get into the best universities and the best jobs after graduation. Universal preschooling for all All public school children will have preschool as their introduction to formal schooling byand he will make this available to all children regardless of income. With regards to pre-schooling, I think this program was implemented already by previous administration.

The 10 point basic education agenda

This document does not reinvent the wheel. It is guided by the mandates of our constitution and international commitments, and builds on gains and lessons from programs of past administrations.

Nonetheless, this document also reflects a number of my ideas that I hope can contribute to the progress of our basic education. As I emphasized in the document, I regard it as a consultation draft.

Hopefully it will be a living document that will be further shaped by the inputs of all concerned through consultative processes such as this Summit, and through action. If you examine the narrative and the ten-point agenda, you will note that it is a combination of deliverables and the means by which we hope to fulfill these.

I will focus my presentation today on our four core deliverables, and situate the various elements of the agenda around them. Finally, I will provide some remarks on the need for the three education agencies to actively coordinate and work together.

1 Promote academic excellence

Raise the quality of education Our first deliverable is to raise the quality of education. One measure of quality, the National Achievement Test or NAT, show that the quality of education, in the sense of effective attainment of learning standards, will continue to be the foremost challenge for the current and longer term.

Performance in the National Achievement Test vs PDP Target Towards addressing the challenge of raising the quality of education, I have committed to pursue the full implementation of K to K to 12 is not about simply adding school years to basic education to be at par with international norm, but more about the content and the intended outcomes in terms of upgrading education quality.

The program involved the overhaul of our basic education curriculum to make every learner ready for higher education or work anywhere, equipped with 21st century skills comprising learning and innovation skills; information, media and technology skills; effective communication skills; and life and career skills.

Our difficulty lies in the magnitude of our education system. We have a student population of over 25 million in basic education, of which over 21 million are served by public schools. You can imagine the massive education inputs that we need to deliver on account of overhauling the curriculum and adding to the years of schooling, in terms of constructing new classrooms, hiring and training of teachers, and providing textbooks, learning materials, laboratories, and computer packages.

Agenda Points

Launching of Senior High School demands even more resources The present administration has given its immediate response by proposing an unprecedented 31 percent increase in the DepEd budget forfrom PhP This will bring our proposed appropriation closer to the 4 to 6 percent of GDP ideal appropriation indicated by international standards, and reflects the high prioritization that the President accords to education.

Slide on budget increase from to This belies any notion that this government is by any measure abandoning public basic education in favor of privatization. The Constitution is very clear that the State shall assign the highest budgetary priority to education, and shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels.

At the same time, however, the State recognizes the complementary roles of public and private institutions in the educational system, and we will continue to provide compensation within reasonable levels to our learners and teachers in private schools.

Mobilizing finance is one thing; spending it efficiently and in a timely manner is another. Coming into the Department, I immediately saw the need for drastic improvement in our absorptive capacity.

As of June 30,of the PhPMar 04,  · Noynoy's education agenda I will present Noynoy’s point program for educational reform. “Let me lay out the ten most critical things I will focus on to fix this problem of basic.

The principles of the current administration on education are guided by the 10 Point Basic Education Agenda: Details 1.

A year basic education cycle The implementation of the K to 12 Program will be phased to make the country’s education system at par with international standards. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's economic team presented the incoming administration's point socio-economic agenda during a Monday business forum in Davao City.

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Aug 07,  · His “Ten Things I Will Fix in Philippine Basic Education” campaign speech resonated so well that it is now known as the Department of Education’s “Point Basic Education Agenda”. It helps to have a plan, so they say, so perhaps now is as good a time as any to revisit the point Basic Education Agenda and see where it has brought us so far.

The 10 point basic education agenda

10 POINT AGENDA OF timberdesignmag.comS 1. DepEd identified procurement and management system as major roadblocks. To address these, DepEd int 10 Point Agenda of Sec.

completion of basic education is the continuation of school-based feeding programs. The proposal to have the massive feeding program will be5/5(8). Quality, Accessible, Relevant and Liberating Basic Education for All Our Key Deliverables in DepEd Today, DepEd is releasing a publication which embodies my assessment of the main challenges that confront basic education, and lays down a point agenda that will guide the Department’s programs and directions under my watch.

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