Resume writing services for social workers

Think of it as a "snap-shot" of your experiences - it does not have to include everything you've done. It is much more than a list of job duties. Make sure to use terminology that is pertinent to your field of interest.

Resume writing services for social workers

As you search the internet, you will find many opinions and ideas on how to create the perfect resume- but how do you know what information to use? For the past 6 months, I have compiled information, based on the resumes reviewed at our office. This information is intended to help you think out of the box, market yourself as the great professional you are and to highlight your skill set.

For more information about our resume review member benefit, please contact Valerie Arendt at valerie naswnc. Dating Your Hiring Manager Marketing yourself for a job is a three step process. How do you stand out when many applicants are seeking to gain the attention of the same person?

Write a short cover letter that knocks them off their feet. You are selling yourself to the hiring manager! What characteristics do you have that others may not have developed? There will be a cover letter article on our blog soon, so stay tuned!

resume writing services for social workers

Leave out the trash talk. Did you have a bad boss? Is your former company unorganized and chaotic? These are issues to NOT cover in your interview, resume, or cover letter.

Show your professionalism when it is necessary to bring up touchy topics and stick to the big picture. Whenever possible, turn your negative experiences into positives!

Did you change a program to solve the unorganized structure? Make Them Want More As a hiring manager, reviewing resumes can become a chore. A way to combat this is to add a professional summary to the top of your resume. A professional summary is NOT an objective statement. The hiring manager already knows that your objective is to get a job, preferably one that pays well and meets you passion to serve as a social worker.

A professional summary is written in a few short sentences, and should not exceed words. To help the creative juices flow, I have included a sample summary below. Please remember, that your professional summary should highlight skills that your hiring manager is looking for!

Skilled in conflict resolution, problem solving, organizational development, and building client trust. Exceptional writing, presenting and interpersonal communication skills with a focus on proactive assessment of needs and implementing collaborative solutions.

I encourage you to take paper and pencil, and just write things about yourself that you find great qualities for a job. Once you have a good list, start reviewing your resume areas to see what you focused on in your prior employment or school history.

Cross out the ones that you feel are already highlighted, or ones that you feel don not fit. Limiting the Boring Details We have all had those meetings with friends, families, or co-workers that go on…and on…and on.

Bullet points in your resumes can often appear this way to a hiring manager. Hiring managers tend to care more about what you bring to the table, than what information you can pull from your current job description.

Try to improve this: Worked with Spanish speaking clients in therapy sessions With this: Most referred therapist for Spanish speaking clientele in Buncombe and surrounding counties Or try to improve this: Created and filed all required paperwork for client records With this: Maintained client documentation; ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines You Are Not the Only Social Worker You Know Hiring managers look for well-rounded employees who show passion about their profession.

One excellent way to help highlight this information on paper is to include your professional association memberships on your resume! Are you a member of a networking group?

Have you worked on a special project in your community?

resume writing services for social workers

Writing Your Personal Commercial NASW-NC knows that our social work members are dedicated and highly qualified professionals and we want to remind you that marketing yourself is a valuable skill for finding the perfect employment opportunity for you!

Show them everything you have done with pride!Freelance Writing & Media. I am a regular media contributor on topics such as emotional health, relationships, and self-care.

I provide training workshops on self-care for professionals, as well as speaking and freelance writing services on a variety of mental health topics. Jun 18,  · Writing a Resume A resume is a summary of your experiences, skills, achievements and successes that are relevant to the field of work you would like to enter.

By highlighting your accomplishments, a resume “advertises” to a potential employer that you are qualified for the job you are seeking, and is a means of introducing yourself. Job seeker services are free. Find your next social work job.

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The Perfect Resume: What You Need to Know to Have One Written by Regina Praetorius, MSSW, this format is not always appropriate for new social workers just entering the field. Often, a. Guaranteed resume services for all experience levels and career fields.

Make a strong first impression now!

How to Make a Resume for a Job: Writing Guide [30+ Examples & Tips]

Our approach is unparalleled to any other you'll find when comparing our resume services to others. Resume Writing Services. Free Resume Review. Curriculum Vitae (CV) LinkedIn & . Provided social services, such as home and budget management, housing, child care and parenting skills, employment, and when necessary placement of children in foster or adoptive homes, residential facilities or institutions.

Social Worker Job Seeking Tips. One of the worst things you could do to sabotage you own search for jobs as a social worker is to neglect your resume. Your resume is the first impression you make to any potential employer. Use these tips in writing your resume and you will achieve better results.


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