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Princeton writing center thesis

Those writing a thesis on political theory may find some parts of this handout useful selecting an advisor and second reader, for example and other parts less applicable generating testable hypotheses. For other questions on the thesis, and for advice on how you might adapt some of the suggestions here for your own project, consult your advisor or the departmental senior thesis coordinator, Amy Yuen academic year.

Choosing an Advisor and Second Reader Your first task is to secure a thesis advisor. Your advisor will meet with you regularly, give you feedback on written work, and answer crucial questions and concerns you may have about your research. Whereas in the classroom, the professor is presumed to be the expert on both the subject matter and the political science that treats the subject matter, in a thesis setting you take on the role of expert in your particular subject.

This is because your goal in writing a thesis is to gather original evidence and make an original argument. Accordingly, do not suppose that all is lost if you are not able to find a thesis advisor who is an expert in your particular area of research.

If you are writing a thesis on India, for example, do not despair if you cannot find an India scholar in the political science department. An advisor can and should offer expertise on the conduct of political science research. All members of the political science department have been through what you are about to go through: One strategy for selecting an advisor, therefore, is to find someone who has done research in the manner in which you plan to do research.

If you will be working with statistics, find someone with knowledge of statistics. If you will be conducting detailed case studies, find someone who has done case studies, and so on. Because the second reader is usually not as closely connected with the project as the thesis advisor, his or her feedback can be very valuable as a check on whether your research makes sense to someone who is not intimately familiar with your thought process.

In selecting a second reader, consider someone whose skill set complements, rather than duplicates, that of the thesis advisor. Finally, do not assume that the thesis advisor and second reader are your only means of getting good advice about your project.

This is a college full of great resources and experts who may be useful to you. Take advantage of these assets! Consult other professors in the political science department and other departments; make use of the writing center in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research; discuss your project with your peers and solicit their feedback; and make use of the library and all it has to offer contact social science librarian Brenda Ellis with questions on library materials.

Components of a Good Thesis Project Good senior theses are clear, well-organized, and contain original thinking and new evidence. The goal is to make a contribution to scholarship in the field by offering something fresh. Note how these works are organized. Each work typically contains a beginning literature review section, a middle section in which it outlines the research design, a third section in which it describes the empirical analysis, and a conclusion that summarizes the broader implications of the work.

Try to emulate this pattern.

Princeton writing center thesis

In fact, if you are concerned about how much space to expend on literature review vs. Embedded in this organizational pattern are four key elements of an empirical research project.

The Research Question What is the unexplored area that you are trying to shed light on? What has the other research missed? Tell the reader the research question as early as possible in the introduction.

This is not as easy a task as it sounds. Many of us begin our research projects because we are interested in a particular subject: But a subject is not enough. Each subject can be associated with innumerable research questions. Four questions that could generate productive research projects are: How deep does Euroskepticism run and what is its impact on voting behavior?

How do ethnic and religious animosities affect French election results?Writing seminar is a demanding and rigorous rite of passage at Princeton.

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The packed schedule, along with the constant writing and peer editing, makes it seem like you’re taking two courses instead of one. Writing Tips, policy memo This blog is a platform for the WWS Graduate Admissions office to post admissions updates and highlight the school's international community of students, faculty, and alumni.

The senior thesis guide represents an effort to better inform students of what to expect when writing a thesis. Contrary to some popular opinion and past practices, the senior thesis. is a (Friend Center, Convocation Room). Friday, May 11, Oral examinations to be completed.

The Writing Center Located in Whitman College, The Writing Center offers student writers free one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on assignments in any discipline.

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The senior thesis is the report of a student’s independent research project. Whether based in the laboratory or not, the thesis should demonstrate a solid knowledge of molecular biology and of the problem under analysis.

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