Nikhef master thesis on risk

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Nikhef master thesis on risk

Data Analysis There exist a few measurements that suggest an annual modulation in the activity of radioactive sources. With a few groups from the XENON collaboration we have developed four sets of table-top experiments to investigate this effect on a few well known radioactive sources.

We urgently need a master student to 1 analyze the first big data set, and 2 contribute to the first physics paper from the experiment. We are looking for an all-round physicist with interest in both lab-work and data-analysis.

The student will directly collaborate with the other groups in this small collaboration around 10 peopleand the goal is to have the first physics publication ready by the end of the project.

The Nikhef group is playing an important role in this experiment. The detector operates at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory and consists of a so-called dual-phase xenon time-projection chamber filled with kg of ultra-pure xenon.

Our group has an opening for a motivated MSc student to do data-analysis on this new detector. The work will consist of understanding the signals that come out of the detector and in particular focus on the so-called double scatter events.

We are interested in developing methods in order to interpret the response of the detector better and are developing sophisticated statistical tools to do this.

This work will include looking at data and developing new algorithms in our Python-based analysis tool. There will also be opportunity to do data-taking shifts at the Gran Nikhef master thesis on risk underground laboratory in Italy.

The detector is a dual-phase xenon time-projection chamber and contains about 4kg of ultra-pure liquid xenon. We plan to use this detector for the development of new detection techniques such as utilizing new photosensors and to improve the understanding of the response of liquid xenon to various forms of radiation.

nikhef master thesis on risk

We have several interesting projects for this facility. You will "own" this experiment. A Scintillator Fibers Tracker The LHCb collaboration is upgrading the present tracking system constructing a new tracker based on scintillating fibers combined with silicon photo-multipliers SiPM: Nikhef plays a key role in the project, as we will build the SciFi fibers modules, the cold-box enclosure housing the SiPMs, and a large part of the on-detector electronics.

In all these areas, interesting test hardware and software has to be realized, and several research topics for a Master project are available, taking the student in contact with state-of-the-art particle detectors, in a large team of physicists and engineers.

It has not been measured yet although some LHCb colleagues claim to have seen it. This project will result in a journal publication on behalf of the LHCb collaboration, written by you. For this project computer skills are needed. This is a project that is closely related to previous analyses in the group.

D 83, [arXiv: This research was started by a previous master student. The new measurement will finish the work, and include the new data from and See Mick Mulders master thesis for more information.

A search for heavy neutrinos in the decay of W bosons at LHCb Neutrinos are arguably the most mysterious of all known fundamental fermions as they are both much lighter than all others and only weakly interacting. It is thought that the tiny mass of neutrinos can be explained by their mixing with so-far unknown, much heavier, neutrino-like particles.

The W boson is assumed to decay to a heavy neutrino and a muon. The heavy neutrino subsequently decays to a muon and a pair of quarks. Both like-sign and opposite-sign muon pairs will be studied.

The result of the analysis will either be a limit on the production of the new neutrinos or the discovery of something entirely new. Particle polarisation in strong magnetic fields When two atomic nuclei, moving in opposite directions, collide off- center then the Quark Gluon Plasma QGP created in the overlap zone is expected to rotate.

The nucleons not participating in the collision represent electric currents generating an intense magnetic field. This project requires some affinity with computer programming.

Blast-Wave Model in heavy-ion collisions The goal of heavy-ion physics is to study the Quark Gluon Plasma QGPa hot and dense medium where quarks and gluons move freely over large distances, larger than the typical size of a hadron.

Hydrodynamic simulations expect that the QGP will expand under its own pressure, and cool while expanding.

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These simulations are particularly successful in describing some of the key observables measured experimentally, such as particle spectra and elliptic flow. A reasonable reproduction of the same observables is also achieved with models that use parameterisations that resemble the hydrodynamical evolution of the system assuming a given freeze-out scenario, usually referred to as blast-wave models.

The goal of this project is to work on different blast wave parametrisations, test their dependence on the input parameters and extend their applicability by including more observables studied in heavy-ion collisions in the global fit.Master Thesis Student at KM3NeT at Nikhef (Nationaal instituut voor subatomaire fysica) Private Tutor at WisMon.

Education. Team Head Financial Risk Methodologies at UniCredit. Master Thesis Building and Testing a GEM-based Time Projection Chamber for Proton Radiography Author: Nathalie van der Weiden Supervisor: Dr.

Jan Visser Detector Research and Development Nikhef July VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM Abstract Faculteit der Exacte Wetenschappen Master of Science Building and Testing a GEM-based Time Projection. Master Thesis - Physics The performance of NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors For determining the decay rate of radioactive sources in a modulation experiment.

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