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Information of sonia gandhi

The story should have had a fairy-tale ending: Inhowever, when Sonia Maino married Rajiv Gandhi of India, the fairy tale was only half realized. She snagged a handsome prince, but she also inherited the troubled history of his country. Rajiv Gandhi was a member of a family that had ruled India since the s.

Rajiv himself briefly served as prime minister in the s, but was assassinated in as he attempted to reclaim the post. Gandhi shocked the nation, and the world, when she declined.

Members of the opposition breathed a sigh of relief, but others feared that the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had come to an end. She was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household, and her parents, Stefano and Paolo, were working class people. When Sonia was eighteen years old, her father sent her to Cambridge, England, to study English.

Injust a year after arriving in England, Sonia met a young Indian student named Rajiv Gandhi —who was studying mechanical engineering at Cambridge University. According to Sonia Gandhi, it was love at first sight.

Information of sonia gandhi

The courtship, however, lasted three years, perhaps because Rajiv was from one of the most famous families in India, if not the world. In Information of sonia gandhi, Sonia and Rajiv were married in a simple ceremony in New Delhi, India; Sonia wore the same pink sari her mother-in-law had worn at her own wedding many years before.

A sari is a traditional dress that consists of several yards of cloth draped around the waist and shoulders. Following the wedding Sonia and Rajiv moved in with Indira Gandhi, who by this time had become prime minister.

This meant that although Gandhi came into the marriage a modern woman of the West, she soon traded her miniskirts for saris and steeped herself in Indian culture. She even learned to speak Hindi, the official language of India. Rajiv reluctantly enters politics While Sonia Gandhi served as hostess at state functions and received visiting dignitaries along with her mother-in-law, Rajiv Gandhi remained relatively removed from politics.

After leaving Cambridge, he did not go into engineering; instead he pursued his passion for flying and became a commercial airline pilot for Indian Airlines.

As a result, the Gandhis lived in relative peace and quiet, while raising their two children, Rahul and Priyanka, away from the glare of the media. The Parliament, or ruling legislative body, is divided into two houses: As in the United States, members of each house are elected to office, and they represent constituents who reside in a particular state.


There are fourteen states in India. Legislative elections are held every five years. Following the election, if one party receives a majority of votes, one member is voted in by the party as prime minister. If one party does not achieve a majority of votes, members negotiate with other parties in order to form what is known as a coalition government.

In the meantime, the s became the Indira Gandhi decade in India. The Indian public revered her, calling her Mataji, meaning revered mother. Her political opponents, however, viewed her as a sometimes ruthless leader who seemed determined to form a dictatorship.

She even caused dissension within her own political party, the Congress Party CP. The CP was particularly popular in India, because its early members were major figures in the fight for independence from Great Britain.

Before Sanjay had a chance to fulfill his destiny, however, he was killed in a flying accident. Sonia Gandhi was vehemently opposed to the idea, fearing that her husband might be injured or killed, given the explosive nature of Indian politics.

After several long discussions, however, the couple jointly agreed that Rajiv should quit his job with the airlines.GANDHI, SONIA. GANDHI, SONIA (–), Congress Party leader, widow of Rajiv Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi, the widow of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated in , entered politics in after being persuaded by the Congress Party to . Sonia Gandhi was born Sonia Maino on December 9, , in the small village of Orbassano, just outside Turin, Italy.

She was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household, and her parents, Stefano and Paolo, were working class people. Sonia Gandhi Wiki, Height, Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More. Sonia Gandhi is an Indian Politician of Italian Descent. Sonia Gandhi was born on 9 December in Louisiana, Veneto, Italy.

She completes her college studied at Bell Educational Trust’s language school, Cambridge City, England. Part 1: Three funerals and a wedding Prologue I was part of various analysis teams of Indian intelligence agencies during the 80’s and 90’s and now live a anonymous life in a distant land.

What I am going to propagate over a 3 part series in the next few days might seem very farfetched and even fantastic to most people and many conspiracy theorists might gleefully accept it as vindication.

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Here is brief biography and history of Jawaharlal Nehru. Read Information on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Sonia Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi, Italian-born Indian politician who was president of the Indian National Congress (Congress Party; –) and chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (–), a coalition of center-left parties.

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