How to write a press release for a fashion event

TWM is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights to interviews of two women who participated in the Suffrage Movement:

How to write a press release for a fashion event

She is a multi-award winner who gave her life to Christ when she was really young.

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She has passed a lot of spiritual messages, especially to young adults through her music. She has worked with a lot of music legend due to her dynamism and impressive songs that she had been singing since she was little. If you have ever considered singing gospel music, listening to Sophy-yah songs will really deepen your love more for it as she sings it naturally and enthusiastically.

Sophy -yah purpose when asked is to express her natural creativity in music as she is willing to touch many lives. She has won numerous awards and is presently the music ambassador of the international women of power- IWOP in London and a Brand ambassador for Muzmm Backpack in Singapore Panache global excellence award.

At the 5th panache events which took place At the London Marriott hotel, Sophy-yah sang the Nigerian national anthem and also sang the British anthem as well. Holding the microphone, she thanked God for giving her the privilege to perform at the recent global excellence award.

The lyrics explained how much she loved God and all that God has done in her life. The loving thing about her song is the fact that she combines both hip-hop and reggae in her song.

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She left a good memory in their hearts and made them love both hip-hop, reggae and gospel music. Even down to the ending of her song the crowd kept in dancing non-stop, this showed that they all loved both songs and the performance as well.

how to write a press release for a fashion event

Sophy- yah believes that with the hard effort that she has been putting into her songs, she will keep on progressing. She was a recipient of Panache awards in Event Press Release.

Jump right to the 'Sample Event Press Release Template' Out off all the press release types we get, 'Event Press Releases', contain the most mistakes.

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Below you'll find directions on how to write an 'Event Press Releases'. A well-written and curated fashion press release is a sure way to get into the inboxes of key fashion editors.

If executed well, it may secure you much desired editorial coverage and publicity.


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November 7, Sales & Marketing Tips press release, press release sample, press release template April Atwood This just in: you need publicity for your event! Use these 3 steps to get your event some attention from the press.

Richard "Dick" Lee Peng Boon (born 24 August ) is a Singaporean singer-songwriter, playwright and film director.

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