Families reviews about horror movies

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Families reviews about horror movies

To those who shy away from the macabre, it is a poorly understood obsession often landing the genre fan in a category somewhere between weirdo and psycho.

To those who love everything spooky, this is more than a mere Families reviews about horror movies — it is a way of life. Choosing the right film can be a daunting experience and the responsibility can be hefty.

The late 80s and early 90s produced a number of films that may not have necessarily been intended for the whole family, but had the perfect mix of horror and comedy in order to appeal to the biggest audience.

As we move into the mids, the trend subsides and is eventually replaced with some impressive animated features.

Those films have revolutionised digital special effects much like their 80s counterparts did with physical ones. As we move through the ages one thing is for certain, horror is still the one genre that divides audiences into lovers and haters.


The films in this list, however seem to transcend this and some have been enjoyed by many for generations. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that all these features are a labour of love for horror and have their roots planted deeply in the genre.

The following films are listed in chronological order. Frankenstein — James Whale Henry Frankenstein is a clever young scientist who, together with his assistant Fritz, collects body parts in order to assemble a man and bring him to life.

Once the body is fully assembled, Frankenstein uses the energy from lightning on a stormy night in order to bring the creature to life. His monster comes alive but is tortured and confused. Henry does not know how to handle the creature and by chasing him away, unwittingly sets about a destructive chain of events.

Frankenstein is truly a masterpiece, featuring one of the most iconic horror monsters in history for the very first time on the silver screen.

Now, it is a relatively tame feature by comparison to other productions, which makes it a perfect way to introduce budding horror buffs to one of the most famous of the Universal Monsters. Poltergeist — Tobe Hooper This is the story of the Freelings, who are a young American family with three children.

They begin experiencing paranormal phenomena that seems to be centred around their youngest daughter, Carol Anne. She spends a lot of time staring at TV static and appears to be in tune with the spirits inside the family home.

At first, the family is excited about the strange occurrences in their house, but things quickly turn sour as the presence haunting Carol Anne becomes more menacing.

After Carol Anne disappears inside the house, the Freelings enlist the help of some parapsychologists as well as a talented medium called Tangina Barons.


This is the first, as well as the most successful and well-received instalment in the Poltergeist series of films. Despite featuring virtually no gore or adult themes, it had been ranked as one of the scariest horrors of all time in a number of well-known lists.

They come by train and it seems like the attractions have been set up in a matter of moments. Two young boys, Will and Jim, who happen to catch the arrival of the strange carnival, decide to check it out for themselves. While there, they encounter the peculiar Mr Dark and witness some bizarre things.

Although the film did not do particularly well financially, it was met with enthusiasm by genre fans. It stayed true to the overall atmosphere of the novel and managed to bring to life a tale of growing up laden with horror and suspense.

Gremlins — Joe Dante Billy receives an unusual creature called a mogwai as a Christmas present from his father. The mogwai comes from a Chinatown antique store and cannot get wet, eat after midnight or be exposed to sunlight.Families have it hard enough, but when the golden boy, the only child, is a big baby even as an adult, there’s little hope for happy times.

1. The Royal Tenenbaums (). My Amityville horror is disturbing in a panormal sense, but more importantly in a psychological sense. The film's a character study on Daniel Lutz, who no matter what happened in the house is a. This shopping feature will continue to load items.

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Families reviews about horror movies

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