Essays on sumit programs

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Essays on sumit programs

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You just have to get creative! Here are 7 places to find affordable extracurricular activities for children. Compared to my peers, I did not participate in many extracurricular activities as a child—unless you count making up stories in my head, playing dress-up with my sister and attending church.

Besides that, I spent two years in Girl Scouts, two years in recreational gymnastics, a few years in piano lessons and a splattering of time playing sports at my small Christian high school. My preschool and young elementary years were spent… playing, imagining, creating.

And, quite frankly, a major reason for my reticence is the cost involved in enrolling our children in extracurricular activities. Currently, our 3 and 5-year-old daughters participate in two extracurricular activities beyond preschool and church—Awana and gymnastics through our local recreational center.

You just have to get creative. The Library Our local Essays on sumit programs library was one of my most favorite places as a child!

Most libraries host summer reading programs, but many also offer activities for children of all ages year round.

Essays on sumit programs

The best part is that these classes are usually free! Community Recreation Department Community-sponsored recreational departments often offer a plethora of activities for both children and adults.

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These extracurriculars are usually affordable and likely cheaper than private lessons and leagues, and, sometimes, classes are even paid for by the community—making them free!

Schools Even if you homeschool your children, some public and private schools actually allow any child who is a local resident to participate in extracurricular activities.

Be sure to inquire at the school before just showing up, though! Co-ops Homeschool co-ops abound in many communities. They not only offer elective classes—like Spanish or art—but many homeschoolers also band together to play sports, etc.

Community Colleges From cake decorating to sewing, community colleges go far beyond academics! Some colleges allow teenagers to take these more elective-type classes. I found a great church in our town where our girls have been attending since the fall.

Check out these 7 places to find affordable children’s extracurricular activities:

The best part is that our girls are having fun while memorizing scripture and learning truths from the Bible! Another church in our area actually offers free dance classes for girls! Friends Are you gifted in art while your friend can speak fluent Spanish? Why not form a weekly playdate where you take turns teaching your children?

Perhaps an athletic friend could even form a physical education class! Even if you can afford expensive extracurriculars, I often wonder if the money we as parents are prone to pour into such activities could be better spent elsewhere. What if instead of spending thousands of dollars in activities to entertain we put that money into a college savings fund—or gave it to missions agencies—like Dress a Girl Around the World or Hope 4 Women, International?I'm finishing my MA in about a month and I'm thinking of applying to a Phd program in the US (political science).

My GPA is as high as it gets and my recommendation letters will be great but I'm worried about my SOP and my writing sample. Family Finances. 7 Places to Find Affordable Children’s Extracurricular Activities. February 24, Erin 18 Comments This post may contain affiliate links to these sites means I may earn a percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you.

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