Essay fifties forties from major review

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Essay fifties forties from major review

Eurocentric Destruction of Indigenous Conceptions: The most humiliating consensus among all blacks spawned by this Western imposed epistemological hegemony, is that black women who use skin bleaching creams have a deep racial inferiority complex as they aspire to be as white as European women.

This essay advances an alternative perspective. The essay proposes that there might be a symbiosis of the genetic-biological basis mediated through culture, for skin tone-related indigenous conceptions of beauty in African societies. These indigenous conceptions are diametrically different from the Eurocentric racial ideology driven conceptions.

Because of this, a little qualification of the title is necessary and also an explanation of what motivated the author to write the short essay. Perhaps like the majority of people who have been exposed to the Western ideology of racism directed at Africans and all people of African heritage in the black Diaspora all over the world, the author had been susceptible to and was often mute to the standard myth.

The standard Western mythology from the mythical history is that Africans were the most inferior race of people compared to other races four hundred years ago.

The genuine cause of European enslavement of Africans is only now being more openly formerly and systematically acknowledged Kottak. The dark skin color since that time has been used in the West, North America, and elsewhere as the main criteria for racial discrimination and prejudice Adade, establishing a racial hierarchy, and at worst racial exploitation, oppression, bigotry and genocide Herbes-Sommers, ; Strain, The varying racial gradients that exist in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, South Africa, and elsewhere are all based on this assumed racial history and dynamic.

Essay fifties forties from major review

The universal racial gradients and the deeply held beliefs that the black and the darkest skinned people are the most inferior and therefore at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in these societies are now taken for granted virtually all over the world.

The discrimination against Africans is so insidious and entrenched all over the world as evidenced in incidents of racial discrimination, hostility and often violence directed at African immigrants in such places as the United States, Russia, Italy, Germany, and elsewhere. As one observer noted: In Europe, things are getting steadily worse and incidents are routine, but African leaders, governments and African media seem to ignore what is happening rather than taking a stand against abuse.

These racial beliefs may have caused the Eurocentric masking and at worst the destruction of indigenous skintone-based conceptions of beauty in Zambia and other African societies.

The focus of this essay is that this Western racial ideology may have penetrated the whole world and especially the African societies during the Atlantic Slave Trade and European colonialism in Africa. But it affected African Americans in the worst way as their experience with slavery may have been so total that they may have internalized this false and anachronistic racial ideology.

Indeed today it is well accepted in the American society that African Americans who have the lightest skin and exhibit the closest characteristics to European physical features get the most privileges and acceptance among the white-dominated and Eurocentric majority.

African Americans who have the darkest skin and exhibit the typical physical features of Africans from Sub-Saharan Africa are the least successful and least accepted by the American society Haley, ; Schwartz and Disch, ; Fanon, ; Adade, ; Bennett Jr.


There is one persistent and perhaps most humiliating consensus and in certain cases debate among educated Africans, African Americans in the US and those in the black Diaspora in the Caribbean and elsewhere. This is the charge that blacks that use skin toning and lightening creams and cosmetics are unfortunate continued victims of the Western racist ideology that has just been explained.

It is charged that the women who use the creams are insecure with being black and are aspiring to be as white as possible. It is charged that black males also may have internalized the racial inferiority and have equally been brain washed into only finding light skinned, and therefore, Caucasian looking black women most attractive.

These charges may as well have some credibility. After all, it would be incredible for any group of human beings to have been subjected to the kind of vicious racial ideology the last three hundred years that Africans and black people have been subjected to, and expect to come out of it mentally unscathed.

The author was compelled to explore these possible hypotheses in the most unusual or inauspicious way. Second, the African indigenous skin tone-related conceptions of beauty may be reflected in the indigenous language, music, and other significant aspects of the African peoples.

Fourth, the essay will conjecture the epistemological implications and cultural significance of this discourse on conceptions of skin tone-related beauty among Africans and black people in the Diaspora.

Essay fifties forties from major review

Fifth, the essay will briefly explore the compelling evidence that suggests that there is no genetic or biological basis for all racial classifications; Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongloid.

During the last four hundred years mountains of pseudo scientific evidence has been sought through Eurocentric scholarship that Whites and those with white skin have the highest intelligence and are therefore the most superior.BIOGRAPHY.

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Eurocentric Destruction of Indigenous Conceptions: the Secret Rediscovery of the Beautiful Woman in African Societies ABSTRACT. Western racist ideology has been entrenched among Africans and especially in the Black Diaspora for . Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy: Raiding the Temple of Wisdom (Popular Culture and Philosophy) [Jon Cogburn, Mark Silcox] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This volume will convince readers that the swift ascent of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons to worldwide popularity in the s and s is “the most exciting event in popular culture .

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