Crumple zones made of paper

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Crumple zones made of paper

This is really helpful when it comes to school-based OT. If your job is anything like mine, then you know that we often find ourselves working on a variety of skill areas with tons of students while only carrying a limited amount of treatment supplies with us.

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We tend to find ourselves making the best of things as we creatively adapt to our environment and treat students on playgrounds, in cafeterias, on empty stages, in empty classrooms, or even in supply closets. Talk about learning to think of your feet! Right now, my job as a school-based OT has me evaluating and working with all OT-related students in my particular district, ranging from preschool-age all the way through eighth grade.

At one of my sites, I have a full-on OT gym which is stocked with suspended equipment and cupboards full of sensory-motor-perceptual treatment supplies.

However, unless I am at that particular site I, like many school-based therapists, find myself treading across seven other campuses throughout the week while rolling my therapy box full of OT supplies behind me.

Below is a list of 60 therapy supplies plus a few others that I frequently use in school-based OT when I treat my Kindergarten through eighth grade students. And actually, these are really just the basics that tend to stay in my therapy box for the majority of the year. I tend to keep larger items in my car and only pull them out when I need them with specific students.

And, of course, I always bring specific sensory or motor items from the cupboards or from home if I know I will need them for particular students. Rather than provide an explanation of all the different ways you could use each therapy supply and all the skills they can address because that would make this post forever long!

I have included hyperlinks to other posts from some of my favorite therapy blogs that go into detail about specific supplies and, for your convenience, I have also provided links that will help you find some of these more specialized items online.

Links to Amazon are affiliate links, which means if you click over and wind up making a purchase, Mama OT will receive a small commission to help keep this blog running, at no extra cost to you thank you! Read my full disclosure here.

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Alright, here we go! Possibly my favorite specialized treatment tool for practicing capital letter formation in the school setting due to its compact size, portability, versatility, cleanliness, and ability to be easily used in conjunction with other multisensory, interactive writing experiences.

Find it online here. Shorter pencils equal better grasp. Kid-sized scissors are a must. And I love the adaptive spring scissors find at Dollar Tree or online here because they strengthen little hands while squeezing closed and they also spring open to help kiddos whose hands are a little too weak to open the scissors independently.

Shorter crayons that have been well loved or broken in half promote a proper pinch while coloring. Pulling, tearing, and rolling tape is quite the challenge! Because kids make mistakes.

See photo below for one idea on how to use a rubberband to instantly promote improved pencil grasp.

Crumple zones made of paper

Dexterity, coordination, concentration, fun! Variety of pencil grips. Get a crash course in pencil grips from the Anonymous OT. Glue stick with twist top. Variety of markers and highlighters. Lots of ways to use these to help with handwriting skills such as letter sizing and baseline orientationcutting skills highlight, bold, or add dots to lines for cuttingand more.

For use on sheet protectors, laminated surfaces, windows or obviously whiteboards.

Crumple Zones - Car Safety Features and Systems

Learn more about using alternative pencils from Abby Pediatric OT. Found these at the Dollar Tree, facilitates nice grasp and allows for adaptable length depending on student.

Flip Crayons from Handwriting Without Tears. Using crayons in PreK before introducing pencils helps develop good grasping habits. Learn how flip crayons help develop tripod grasp by clicking hereand find them online here.

Find out 10 therapy activities you can do with a jump rope besides jumping rope, from Your Therapy Source. Find lots of ideas for how to use clothespins in therapy at Therapy Fun Zone.

Crumple zones made of paper

Plus, works on developing hand dominance. I have found the best deal for them online from Oriental Trading. So many ways to practice coordination, plus can be a sensory fidget. Several types available online including glow in the dark! Super versatile and, yeah, I think I could play with these all day!Jun 16,  · Crumple zones with rigid cabs are now the standard in every car made throughout the world.

A study by the Society of Automotive Engineers found that light trucks with 4 and 5 star ratings (lower risk of severe injury) have more maximum crush, lower maximum deceleration, and longer duration crash pulses than those with Status: Resolved.

Crumple zones are usually placed at the front and back of the automobile and are made of slightly lighter, more ductile materials than the rigid parts of the car e.g. passenger compartment/engine. These crumple zones will absorb much of the initial impact before any force is exerted on these rigid parts of the car.

Physical properties of materials

Adding to the difficulty, we have to make it as lightweight as possible. We need this crumple zone to absorb the impact of the water bottle instead of it just taking it and smashing the egg.

Generate Ideas-One idea was to make a box and fill it up with rolls of paper and an X shape in the middle of the box. A striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. The person who performs a striptease is commonly known as a "stripper" or exotic strippers are female, with less than a third of strippers being male strippers.

Striptease and public nudity have been subject to legal and. The average weight of the working crumple zones is grams. The average weight of the not working crumple zones is grams.

The average weight of the maybe crumple zones is grams. Thus showing the heavier the crumple zone the better it works to protect the egg. A good crumple zone is made with heavy weight, and very well construction quality.

May 11,  · The only other upfitters that include the safety tech on the Sprinters are Pleasureway and Roadtrek, per their specs. Not even Chinook, at their .

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