Bshs422 essay

Diversity in the Workplace Essay words - 8 pages have managers that are willing to work to create a diverse culture. The key elements to cultural change has to do with diversity education and assessment skills. The business needs to seek out to create an organizational culture the will be diverse for this will help with individual performance. This letter stated simply that IBM will hire people based on their ability, "regardless of race, colour or creed.

Bshs422 essay

Terri Beard Cultural Competency Assessment: The ever-growing diversity can become challenging for professionals who work with minority populations.

These professionals must be culturally competent to work successfully and provide positive outcomes for their clients. An effective way of checking oneself for cultural competency is to use the Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Tool.

The following paper provides information on the tool, the results for team B members, and recommendations for improvement.

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This cultural assessment tool is a questionnaire designed to explore and identify a person's cultural competence training needs U Care, The Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Tool was created to help individuals recognize what they can Bshs422 essay to become more effective in living and working in a diverse environment.

There are seven questions total in this assessment, and each question uses a scale between one and four that allows the person to state how confident he or she is with the information provided.

The cultural assessment evaluates a person's cultural level of knowledge and should be considered only a tool and not a test.

There is no "right" or "wrong" answer concerning this assessment tool.

Bshs422 essay

The score received after taking this cultural self-assessment is meant to help the individual determine the areas in which he or she may need further cultural development.

This cultural assessment is extremely simple yet helpful because it gives the person taking it the opportunity to learn more about his or her knowledge, skills, and awareness of his or her interactions with others.

Bshs422 essay

Benefiting as strengths for all team members, the prevailing beliefs and values of ethnic communities served professionally result as fairly well to very well.

In the same area, the health and illness of ethnic communities served, Team B understands fairy well. Insight and respect to understanding or reaching out to members of ethnic communities soared with high scores from all team members.

These strengths highlight the valuable balance from continual learning, open communication, and information sharing provided in class One member on Team B tapped out as very competent in languages within herView Essay - BSHS Critique of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Affirmative Action.

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from BSHS at University of Phoenix. 1 ADA and Affirmative Action Critique of the Americans with. BSHS July 8, Terri Beard. Cultural Competency Assessment: Learning Team B.

The number of minority families is quickly increasing in the United States. The ever-growing diversity can become challenging for professionals who work with minority populations.

Mba Pre-Assessment and Personal Essay; Internal Environment of Southwest. categories. abs ; abs ; abs; abs; abs; acc ; acc ; acc ; acc ; acc ; acc BSHS Week 1 – Complete DQ 1. There is a difference in goals that are set by the client, and goals that a provider may wish for the client to achieve.

Read this essay on Ada and Affirmative Action Paper. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Report This Essay. View Full Essay. Personal Commitment to Diversity and Multi-Cultural Practice Letitia Parker Cultural Diversity and Special Populations/BSHS May 2, Joel Odimba Diversity is an important subject for managers and organizations.

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