Abc inc hires new recruiter carl

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Abc inc hires new recruiter carl

Abc inc hires new recruiter carl

With only two weeks left Carl has discovered numerous problems with orientation, application, drug screening, and lack of training room. Carl is becoming panicked and wants to know what to do next.

By addressing the more critical underlying organizational issues such as poor inter-company communication, weak procedural structure, and lack of departmental accountability, future situations will be handled more productively for the company.

Assessment Communication is a priority problem for this company. Monica has made only one phone call to see how the progress is going. Carl does not appear fully trained, has Carl communicated to anyone for assistance?

Some of the tasks needing accomplished can be delegated out to assist with a time schedule. Organization is another area of concern.

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Manuals are missing pages, transcript and applications are not completed, there is no training room reserved, and most importantly are the drug screens. Orientation may not take place if the new hires do not pass the drug screening.

The orientation date was set but no room was reserved. There appears to be no procedural manual for Carl to follow, which indicated poor procedural structure.

Managerial accountability is also lacking. Who is responsible to see that these new hires are ready to start work in July?

Who set the date for the orientation and stopped at that?

Abc inc hires new recruiter carl

Carl played a role in there recruitment, although, was he the only one to have a say in the hiring? Carl is not the only one to point the blame towards; he is just the one in the spot light at the moment. For a company to work efficiently there have to be more players involved to work together to make sure that goal is accomplished.

Possible Alternatives An alternative would be to postpone the orientation. If the time frame is not crucial and the many tasks at hand are not completed, the company would beneficial.Background Carl Robins, a new recruiter for ABC, Inc. with only six months experience, successfully hired 15 new employees.

Carl scheduled a new hire orientation to take place June 15 with the intent of having all the new hires working by July. Case Study Analysis Summary ABC, Inc. recruiter Carl Robins has been given the task of recruiting new hires for his company. With only a few months experience himself, Carl has hired 15 new employees to work for Monica Carroll's.

Abc, Inc Case Study Carl Robins, campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., has successfully recruited 15 new hires. The new hires will all work for . Background As a new employee recruiter of ABC, Inc., Carl Robins was enthusiastic about hiring new recruits for the company.

He proceeded to hire 15 new trainees to work for the operations supervisor, Carrolls. Background ABC, Inc. just hired this new recruiter about six months ago named Carl, who was completing the work needed to start his first set of new hires Words - Pages 6 Case Study for Student Analysis: Carl Robins Essay examples.

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